Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Inspriation Shared

Marking my year 1 blogs The Principals of Change by George Couros was a blog that one of them recommended. I really is a great find for anyone interested in education today. Unfortunately, for me, I got side tracked as I read and listened to more and more of the blog! Quite inspiring, it is great to hear someone so passionate about things that you already believe and try to achieve yourself, and it is so well put. I particularly liked the podcast below. The author of the blog has the opportunity to talk about some of the things that are happening in classrooms around the world with the presenters of Calgary radio show.

In his post introduction paragraph George tells us that the conversation he had with the presenters of the radio show reminded him "...that we have these types of conversations with other educators all of the time, where we should have more of these conversations with our entire community.

They are at the Calgary Teacher's Convention, where George Couros is a Keynote speaker. George talks to Roger and Rob about today's classroom- And how students are using tech to get ahead.  There is a similar convention in Manchester at the end of February that looks great Education Innovation Conference and Exhibition. EICE is an accessible and highly focused event for a cross curriculum audience. It is designed for anyone interested in education. Whether you’re a primary school, secondary school, academy, college or university, EICE seems to have something to inspire. It advertises relevant content for teachers, head teachers, governors, lecturers, department heads, ICT managers, leaders, bursars, and it boasts that EICE is “an event that will inspire and engage all.” Now where is my diary?

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