Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Presenting your stuff!

There are a range complete presentation packages, some are 'freer' than others and some are more versatile than others. With little effort they can give you everything you need to produce a professional-looking presentation. But it isn't about the software. No matter what application you use you can still end up with slide by slide visual aid that sends your audience to sleep. Remember that if you are the presenter, your presentation is merely a tool to support what you have to say.  
In this post there are a selection of the alternatives  to the old faithful PowerPoint, Prezi and Keynote.
Try this links for size:
You might also try testing some polling system; a great way to get your audience involved, check a few out below:

Voting with your class

Nearpod is an interactive teaching and learning tool that allows teachers to construct presentations using the Nearpod website and deliver instruction to students by pushing content out to multiple devices at once. The teacher controls the presentation from a master device, while students follow along on a mobile device

Another 'neat' polling application that I played with today was Poll Everywhere. This one also allows a certain amount of 'free'dom before if offers you a payment package. Also I'm not sure about the charge for texting responses, that will depend on your phone package I guess.

My final play was Micropoll - test it now!