Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Voting with your class

Nearpod is an interactive teaching and learning tool that allows teachers to construct presentations using the Nearpod website and deliver instruction to students by pushing content out to multiple devices at once. The teacher controls the presentation from a master device, while students follow along on a mobile device

Another 'neat' polling application that I played with today was Poll Everywhere. This one also allows a certain amount of 'free'dom before if offers you a payment package. Also I'm not sure about the charge for texting responses, that will depend on your phone package I guess.

My final play was Micropoll - test it now!


Dave-Wyn Lewis said...

Could be an interesting, thing to use in the arts. voting on its visual worth without all the lingo some people have to bare which can be harsh. might consider this a put it to my mentor is in can be wormed in maybe

Mandy said...

Hi Dave, Poll Everything has a clickable Image option too that might be useful for the arts?
They say - Clickable images: images allow your responders to pinpoint something important in an image. Users have used it in many interesting ways - show where they are from on a map, where the femur is, or how they feel about a certain topic when asked to graph it on a chart.

Unknown said...

Teaching and learning is a great experience when using new technology in innovative ways, there is much to explore using this new approach.