Tuesday, February 25, 2014

We are all going iPad mad!

I am just about to start on the Zu3d sessions on the animation for learning section of the learning futures module with year 3 of Ed Studies.  I really like using Zu3d, there are so many aspect to it for such a child friendly application.  I chose it initially when I was teaching on the primary initial teacher training ICT course.  I was hooked, fortunate enough to have the creator, Dave Henley, come to the university about 5 years ago to show us how it worked. Since then the application has gone from strength to strength. Along side the stop-motion animation, it now has a drawing tools section with a fabulous creative pens and paint brushes that can be used stand alone or with the stop-motion aspects.  There is a chroma key, or green screening, section with some excellent video tutorials to help get you up and running.  And now, yes just like the Doink from the post below, there is an iPad app too! Well Zu3d was never a web 2 app, so the iPad aspect is just a bonus really.  Check out the website and the tutorials and have a go, you too can lose hours of your live animating!

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